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Michelle Joseph

Transferring to a new university can be intimidating, but not for one athlete who has made Texas State her new home.

Alex Jones, psychology senior, has embarked on a new journey her past three years on the women’s tennis team.

Jones always liked sports growing up; she played soccer, golf and tennis. Her dad noticed how she excelled in tennis and signed her up for a local tennis club in England.

“I was so lucky to have a wonderful coach when I was younger,” Jones said. “It gave me a good foundation.”

Although Jones’ hometown is in Essex, England, she has enjoyed the transition to America.

“All the girls here apart from one are foreign and I love it,” Jones said. “The diverse cultures are amazing to learn about.”

The student-athlete has a passion for tennis and preparing for matches is essential. Winning is important to her, so there are a few things she likes to think of to keep focused.

“My coach tells us to sing a song or think about what to eat for dinner, so we can stay focus and win for the team,” Jones said. “Sometimes I normally think of country songs in my head while I’m playing.”

Other teammates admire Jones for her dedication to the team. Teammate Julia Navajo-Melendez, education junior, admires Jones’ character on and off the tennis court.

“Alex is really fun, but she knows how to get serious when it’s time,” Navajo-Melendez said. “She is also a leader who is straightforward and has great balance.”

Jones stays motivated during the season because of the support from teammates, family and coaches.

“My family at home and the girls on the team always support me no matter what it is,” Jones said. “People who were on the team previous years support us and our coach is one of our biggest supporters.”

Jones misses her family, friends and food in Essex the most.

“I miss everything but the weather because it’s snowing,” Jones said. “I talk to my parents every day and I’m the oldest of two siblings. I miss the food especially, but American food is way bigger.”

The athlete’s family also misses and appreciates things about Jones as well. Jones’ brother, Freddie Jones, respects her personality and work ethic.

“Alex has a very calm nature which helps when dealing with stressful situations, especially in tough matches,” Freddie Jones said. “She is a positive individual and will always look to improve on her weaknesses. She works on the process rather than the result.”

Alex Jones enjoys the downtime with her teammates.

“We have a lot of food nights where we cook for each other or we go out to dinner,” Alex Jones said. “My favorite dish prepared is called paella. It has a combination of rice, fish and vegetables.”

With her last year on the tennis team coming to an end, Alex Jones looks forward to what the future holds for her, and tennis is definitely in the picture.

“I want to continue being a part of tennis even if I’m not playing it, but coaching,” Alex Jones said. “I hope to involve tennis with psychology, discovering the mental side of the game which is a huge part of it.

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