Senior forward makes the ultimate transition


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Michelle Joseph

For one player, this season means a homestretch in the game of basketball.

Ericka May, senior forward, from Allen, Texas, initially did not take any interest in the sport until watching a life-changing game of basketball.

“I actually played tennis growing up before I went to my cousin’s basketball game, it seemed like it was so exciting and fun,” May said. “My parents put me in a recreational basketball program in fifth grade and soon after that I really started to enjoy it.”

Basketball has not only been a strong commitment of the athlete for many years, but a way to appreciate diversity.

“I am on the team with different personalities and people from various places of the country,” May said. “I always knew that we all were different, but basketball really shows how we are like a melting pot and I’m glad I got that experience for the real world.”

Basketball has taught May life lessons she has applied to her upcoming future.

“Basketball has shown me a lot about myself,” May said. “It’s taught me how to be patient and to be an effective communicator. I’ve learned from the past four years to speak twice and think once.”

May has much respect for Texas State because of all the support for women athletics, and she likes representing something that is bigger than herself; the basketball program.

“I get to stay active doing the thing I love for my college,” May said. “I like how much the university supports our team, and the Bobcat pride everyone has for us to be the best.”

Although May is ending her basketball career at Texas State after this season, she is ready for her new journey.

“I have plans to get my masters or MBA in finance,” May said. “The ball has to stop bouncing for everyone and I’m ready to experience what life is about outside of basketball.”

Throughout her four years on the team, May has learned to trust and value her support system.

“There are moments when I want to give up, but my parents always keep me grounded,” May said. “They worked so hard to pay for AAU basketball and other expenses, so showing them that they didn’t waste their money means a lot to me.”

When she is not practicing or studying, May enjoys going on trips.

“I really love to travel,” May said. “I try to go somewhere twice a year by myself or with some friends. We take a family vacation every year outside the country. I’ve been to Mexico quite a few times and we go to California at least once a year.”

It will be a fresh start to a new path for May, despite her basketball journey coming to an end.

“It’s more of a mental game because when you care about your life you learn to just push through anything,” May said. “This will be my ultimate transition. I haven’t left athletics since sixth grade so it’s going to be weird at first, but I’m ready.”

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