Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Dear Bobcats,

“Students Serving Students” is the creed of Texas State’s Student Government. Sadly, this year we have watched the fulfillment of that mission stifled by divisiveness. Integrity is a core value of Student Government and your elected representatives must be held accountable. President Connor Clegg’s past racist Instagram posts do not represent the organization’s core values; the same values the authors of this letter helped establish.

It is rare for Student Government alumni to comment on current administrations. Given the unusual situation though, we must share our voices as concerned former officers of Student Government, and most importantly, as lifelong Bobcats.

Student Government has no doubt accomplished much this year, but it is overshadowed by mistakes that highlight divisions on campus. The pain felt by marginalized Bobcats and the failure to truly listen to their concerns contribute to the divide on our campus. It mirrors a widening divide across our nation. Student Government should take steps to lead on these issues and return to its core values of student advocacy, service, democracy, leadership and integrity. Words have failed to promote healing after white supremacist attacks, speeches have failed to bring the university together, and failure to lead has only intensified the problem.

As alumni, we will help re-establish these values by engaging with current Student Government members through events, mentorship, and scholarship fundraising. However, students can make the biggest change by voting in Student Government elections and demanding more from Student Government leaders.

Reviewing the past week’s events, it is clear that we all love our university. Student Government will never be perfect and improving it for students is the labor of love you all now undertake. We hope all Bobcats will continue to deeply engage the Student Government through public forums, events and elections so that you can get the results you want. Student Government, through the university committees it controls, oversees $5 million in your student fees annually. How involved you are has direct consequences. After all, it’s only the students who are empowered to choose and remove their representatives. Choose wisely and always remember, whatever else we might be labeled, we are Bobcats first.

The undersigned,

Lauren Stotler
Student Body President, 2016

Sean Quiñones
Student Body Vice President, 2015

Edward Perez
Student Body Vice President, 2014

Alison (Sibley) Berry
Student Body Vice President, 2013

Albert DeGarmo
Student Body President, 2012

Tiffany (Roemer) Friend
Student Body Vice President, 2012

Mel Ferrari
Student Body President, 2011

Colter Ray
Student Body Vice President, 2011

Tommy Luna
Student Body Vice President, 2010

Cody DeSalvo
Supreme Court Chief Justice, 2014

Megan Trexler Chief of Staff, 2014

Gabe Garcia
Executive Assistant to the Student Body President, 2012

Drew Skotak
Senate Pro-Tempore, 2012

Sarah Wood
Senate Pro-Tempore, 2011

Shanna Schultz
Senator, Committee Chair, 2011

Taylor Smith
Senator, Committee Chair, 2011

Marissa Parks
Senator, Committee Chair, 2015

Sara (Darby) Girouard
Supreme Court Chief Justice, 2011

Stephen Brown Senator, 2012

Sarah Hadley Senator, 2011

Rachel Haverkorn Senator, 2010

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