Those Damn Eyes kicks-off tour in Austin


Those Damn Eyes performs at Austin's music venue, the Mohawk, February 9 to kick-off their tour.

Photo by Alyssa Weinstein | Lifestyle Reporter

Alyssa Weinstein

If the bands Angles and Airwaves had a band baby with  Paramore, they would birth the unique rock band touring their way through Texas and other southern states.

Austin-grown band, Those Damn Eyes, kicked-off their tour on Feb. 9 at Austin’s iconic venue, the Mohawk. Beginning at 9 p.m., several local bands including Chasing After Alice and Tina G 3 kicked-off the evening. The night of music ended with Those Damn Eyes closing the show by playing several original and cover songs.

Those Damn Eyes was formed in the summer 2013 by guitarist Daniel Corder. Since then, different bassists, drummers and guitarists have come and gone throughout the band’s history.

The current line-up of Those Damn Eyes includes Corder as the guitarist and songwriter, as well as newer members such as bassist Graham Goetz, drummer Jake Rabin and lead singer Meredith Williams.

The name “Those Damn Eyes” came from a poem by Charles Bukowski when a previous band member was reading one his passages and came across the line “those damn eyes.” While struggling to name themselves, the band loved the line and have stuck with the name ever since.

The sound and music of the band is very different, but in the best way possible. With the power of the drums and bass and the distinct rhythm of the guitar being tied together perfectly with William’s bold and stunning vocals, their music is one-of-a-kind.

“Our music is hard rock with elements of jazz that is really driving and the vocals are really big,” Corder said. “The instrumentation at times can be complex but we can try to craft it in a way to where we trick the listener into grooving on something that isn’t standard. So we try to mask the complexity, then combined with Meredith’s vocals makes it right in the pocket and it sort of soars right on top of everything else that’s happening.”

One of the characteristics Those Damn Eyes is known for are the strong and big female vocals by lead singer Williams, who joined the band in October 2016.

“I feel like I was supposed to sing to people, that it’s my purpose; I have this voice and I need to use it,” Williams said. “People have had nothing but good reactions to it, and that’s really rewarding. I just love being up there on stage.”

At their gig at the Mohawk, Those Damn Eyes played some of their older material as well as songs from their new EP including “Why Else” and “Give and Take’.

Overall, the show was visually eye-catching with the lights, William’s unique performance look and the visible passion of all the musicians combined onstage.

The band kept the audience engaged throughout the show as the audience cheered and danced to every song with nothing but positive reactions towards the band’s music.

“This was my first time ever seeing this band,” audience member Alec Menem said. “The vocals were very impressive and the guitarist was a sight to see. It was an awesome show and I would definitely go see Those Damn Eyes again the next time their in Austin.”

Those Damn Eyes released its new EP, “Too Far to Turn Back Now,” on Spotify Feb. 2. They are continuing the tour throughout Texas and will venture out-of-state to Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolinas for the remainder of their tour.

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