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Transferring to a new university can be intimidating, but for one track and field runner, he takes full advantage of the Texas State atmosphere.

Kelson Pierre, senior sprinter, has embarked a new journey in his past two years on the Texas State track and field team.

As a child, Pierre was teased for being small and had to out-run older cousins who would chase after him, evidently leading him to his future passion. Although he tried every sport in high school, he never pictured himself running in college.

“I chose track and field because I always sort of knew I had a gift for it,” Pierre said.

Pierre is from the Bahamas and always knew he wanted to attend college, but options were limited due to poverty. However, he did not let these circumstances stop him from pursuing a degree, so he began his collegiate career at Wayland Baptist University.

“Coming from where I was I had to adjust because America is different and where I was from was rough,” Pierre said. “I tended to be too outspoken and I always said what was on my mind. I was always upset and had a bit of a temper issue as well.”

After two years at Wayland Baptist University, Pierre decided to take his talent to San Marcos. He wanted more from a university than a degree. He wanted the full D-1 experience and the feel of college culture. The student-athlete gives credit to his coaches for helping him adjust quickly.

“The coaches told me the hard-cruel realities of the world; nobody really cares about who you are, where you’re from, learn to take responsibility for your actions,” Pierre said. “I have had some bumps in the road, but Coach Steward mentored me and made the man I am now.”

Pierre enjoys being a part of the track team, and not only is he satisfied with funding and scholarship for school, but the things he has learned is what will follow him forever.

“Instead of winging everything, I had to master time management,” Pierre said. “Everything is a domino effect, if I do not sleep, the next morning I will be exhausted and will not perform my best as well as if I don’t prepare for a test.”

When he is not at practice, at a meet or on the road, Pierre spends down time creating beats and sounds of electronic dance music. He recently decided to take a break from music to focus more on his career. He also likes to read books on real estate, or any books by Gary Keller.

“Although I don’t typically like reading books like novels, it is a lot more fascinating to read with purpose,” Pierre said. “Reading business strategies allows new ideas to roll in my head.”

Running for the track team means a lot to Pierre because he has a great amount of respect and love for the coaching staff who never gave up on him.

“I appreciate the coaches so much here because they care about your life,” Pierre said. “They are more concerned about academics rather than the actual sport. Some coaches treat athletes like chess when they fail, they push them to the side like they aren’t good anymore, but they aren’t like that. When you fall they fall with you.”

Athletics is very important to Pierre but it is not everything. After graduation, he plans to move to Germany to pursue a master degree in economics.

“Coaches never pressure me to go Pro, they encouraged me to choose my own route,” Pierre said. “They tell me if you want to be a doctor, you can, anything you want to be in life go after it and it is yours.”

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