Letter to the Editor: Response to “Your DNA is an abomination”

Dear Editor,

I was disturbed this morning to discover that my beloved Alma Mater had gained International notoriety for a disgusting article in the university newspaper by Rudy Martinez. The article is racist and bigoted in the extreme and has no place in a publication that represents the university.

Is this what Texas State has become? The school I remember was a place admired for its freedom of thought, racial diversity, and acceptance of all kinds of people. If Mr. Martinez’ article is indicative of our school today, then it has undoubtedly devolved into nothing more than a tool of the totalitarian left.

Racism and bigotry should not be given license in a publication that should be dedicated to diversity and inclusiveness. While I stand behind Mr. Martinez’ right to believe whatever he wants and to say it if he wants, I do not think he should be able to say it in a publication that represents our university. If he wants a platform to spew his hate, then there are many outlets that could be suggested.


Robert Tuuk

BA Communications

Class of 1988

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