Letter to the Editor: Response to “Your DNA is an abomination”

A response to the recently published article: Your DNA is an abomination

Here at Texas State, we are not divided by our differences, we are unified and united, even in times of adversity. There is no place here for hate or intolerance; at a University home to so many different walks of life. I and others will not be silent after reading the article titled: “Your DNA is an abomination”. This is because silence in the face of bigotry is bigotry. Not standing up to intolerance is standing for it. I and so many others stand together with the knowledge that anyone of us can make a difference and that an individual’s intolerant thoughts and actions say more about the person they come from than the person they are directed towards.

As a nation, we began by declaring that ‘all men are created equal’ pursue and refer to this when you paper ignorantly suggests anything else. Our ethnicity is a shared one, we are all humans, we all share the same land and breath the same air. All lives matter, because no life and no ethnicity is inferior to any other life or ethnicity. My DNA is not an abomination because I know that my skin color has nothing to do with the person that I am, just as yours does not generalize who you are. The best way to stop intolerance of a skin color is to simply stop intolerance of skin color; not by glorifying it in a University newspaper. Please hold your paper to higher standards or simply employ students who do not sport bigotry and intolerance. There is no need to respond to this message. Instead, fulfill the duties and obligations of your position by not promoting any more hateful articles.


Nicholas Funari

Graduate Student: MPA

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