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Third time’s the charm for one intramural football team

Brooke Phillips

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After three years of competing together, one intramural football team won the title of Men’s-A champions, while also forming a lasting brotherhood.

Flag football is just one of the many intramural sports Texas State offers.

There are three different men-only leagues students can join: Men’s-A, Men’s-B, and Greek league. With Men’s-A being the most competitive, the Big Briminal Brand team defeated all its competition as they took the championship title home this season.

Big Briminal Brand consists of ten players. The team first formed with only seven members following the idea to establish itself at Tower Hall.

Antonio Wright, accounting junior, was one of the original seven when he lived in Tower Hall his freshman year, and in its first year, the team played in the Men’s-B league.

“I love the game, but didn’t get to play college football because it would’ve taken up too much time,” Wright said. “I just decided to play flag football and I love playing seven-on-seven.”

Although Tower Hall houses many freshmen, Big Briminal Brand consisted of all classifications. Dezmond Jarboe-Moore, public relations senior, played intramural flag football for two years prior to joining Big Briminal Brand.

Some members of the team had experience playing football before college while others had none. The reason for creating the intramural team was the same: football was the sport they all loved.

“I really love sports,” Donald-Ray Stevenson, accounting junior said. “I wanted to play football at Texas State but I decided not to. With intramural, I can keep playing.”

Moving up to Men’s-A, Big Briminal Brand knew that its competition would be more difficult. With the team’s first year in its new league, winning the league championship meant everything.

“Winning the championship was super exciting,” Wright said. “It meant that our hard work paid off.”

Winning the championship not only meant a team win for Jarboe-Moore, but it also meant ending his last season at Texas State on a positive note.

“It was a matter of time,” Jarboe-Moore said. “Winning was pretty cool and real fun. At the end of the day, it’s about being with your boys and being the best flag football team on campus.”

Intramural teams are solely formed by its members and who they want on their team. By being able to form a team completely by choice, the camaraderie in each team is already present.

“The best part is building a bond,” Stevenson said. “You have to communicate (with your teammates) to be successful. You’re going to grow closer over time.”

Big Briminal Brand will always stick together as a team — on and off the field.

“My favorite part is being able to play football and having fun with it,” Wright said. “After playing with my best friends that I’ve known since freshman year, I can truly say that these are my brothers now.”

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Third time’s the charm for one intramural football team