Letter from the Editor

Denise Cervantes

As we enter the school year, I want to remind our readers of The University Star’s mission to celebrate accomplishments as well as expose the social injustice in our society as we strive to build a better and accepting community.

We find ourselves in a society that seems overtaken by bigotry and hate. Only two weeks ago, a group of white supremacists brought storm to the city of Charlottesville, Virginia. With torches held high, one woman was killed and many others were injured.

Recently, our own city of San Marcos has faced struggles. Citizens urged city council representatives to take a stance on one of the most controversial anti-immigrant bills which was introduced to the Texas Senate earlier this year.

City council members released a statement reinforcing their idea that Senate Bill 4, otherwise known as the “sanctuary city bill,” remained an issue out of their jurisdiction; meanwhile, members of the San Marcos community would be affected.

After receiving major backlash for their decision, council announced it would file an amicus brief in disagreement with the bill only a little over a week before the measure would go into effect on Sept. 1.

The Star will not be afraid to use this platform to tell difficult stories, and shed light on corruption present within our own city. As the fourth estate, we have a responsibility to hold our leaders accountable to their actions as they serve to represent the community.

Moving forward, I want our readers to know The Star will be providing transparency in all of our reporting and serving the students of Texas State and the residents of San Marcos while continuing to have a spine as a publication.

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