Player named on Rimington watch list

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Player named on Rimington watch list

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Lisette Lopez

Despite a rough end to the 2016 season, Aaron Brewer, sophomore center for the Texas State football team, has continued to prove what he’s made of.

Brewer was named to the 2017 Rimington Trophy Preseason Watch List in July after a strong finish as a freshman.

The athlete played in 12 games, making 11 starts on the offensive line in his freshman season. He collected 54 knockouts as a part of the starting offensive line at left guard.

Brewer said he wasn’t too worried about making the watch list, but it was still an honor to be named.

“I was speechless when it happened,” Brewer said. “But at the end of the day, it’s just a watch list—nothing is secured yet.”

Brewer said he doesn’t feel any added pressure after being named on the list because his mother always reminds him to stay humble.

“She said she was proud of me, and to just keep pushing,” Brewer said. “She told me to keep working and to finish strong—to keep my mind straight, to be brave and blessed, but to thank God for everything that I have been blessed with.”

Playing football wasn’t always part of Brewer’s life. If it wasn’t for his older cousin, he would not have found the passion for the sport he’s come to love.

Brewer said his parents didn’t play sports growing up, so when his older cousin began playing on a little league team, he joined too.

“So because my cousin started playing, I did too,” Brewer said. “I wanted to do what he was doing because he was my older cousin. Once I started playing with him, I just continued doing it. My love for it just grew over time.”

Brewer is the only one in the family to play football at a higher level, and the decision to choose a school to further his athletic career was a tough one.

The Bobcat was committed to playing for Sam Houston State University. However, right before signing day, he visited Texas State.

“It was a really tough decision debating on where I was going to go,” Brewer said. “I wanted to go somewhere where I felt comfortable, and after visiting Texas State, I felt like I could see myself living there for four years.”

Brewer said there were many factors taken into consideration, but it ultimately came down to the academics that would help him grow in his field.

Transitioning from a senior in high school to a freshman in college is a challenge for everyone. However, transitioning from playing football at the high school level to the collegiate level was more challenging for Brewer.

“It was a tough transition at first because there are two different environments coming from high school to college,” Brewer said. “It came to me after a while, and once we got into the season a little bit, it became a little easier.”

As a freshman, Brewer was already proving himself as an athlete. He has numerous accolades under his belt, and hasn’t stopped pushing to be the best.

Brewer said he has grown in his one year at Texas State, and won’t be slowing down any time soon.

“I just want to outdo what I did last season,” Brewer said. “Go harder, work harder and just be the best in my position. I want to be the best nationally and in Texas, but just overall the best in my position. That’s what’s going to keep me driving to do better this season.”

To get ready for a game, the team all does the same thing: they eat together, play games, strategize and pray as a team.

Brewer said being together as a team before a game is helpful, but he has his own way of getting ready to leave his all on the field.

“I try to eliminate all distractions and focus on what I have to do that day, what my job is,” Brewer said. “I need to zero down on no mistakes, and stay focused.”

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